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Inside Ramsden Park, west side of Yonge Street across from the Rosedale subway station. Double pad. Phone: 416-392-0918

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Rink Diary 2003 - 2004

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Ramsden Park Rinkhouse

Dec.4, 2003: From Veronica Pochmursky: "I went to Ramsden Rink today, fully expecting it to be open because I knew that Dufferin Grove was, and they usually open at the same time. Much to my surprise, not only was the rink not open, it appears that ice making hasn't even begun! What is the problem? With the torrential rains last week, it would have been a perfect time to initiate ice making to take advantage of the natural flooding. Free water. Doesn't that count as a good cost savings initiative, not to mention the environmental benefit?"

Dec.20, 2003: From Gar Mahood: "There were problems with ice maintenance last weekend and some folks were upset. I wasn’t there. Snow had accumulated and the attendants would not release the shovels so volunteers could clean the rink. This ran counter to the understanding that we struck last year about the shovels after about a three-year battle. So we thought we had lost ground. It seemed that we were back to the old position that the city would not clean the ice and it wouldn’t let us clean the ice either, a non-option. So I met with Steve Pett (supervisor) this week and we reached this understanding: 1. they will release medium-sized scrapers and shovels. Pett promised to release the large scrapers if the medium size ones are not available or are not available in sufficient numbers (they still claim that city lawyers fear liability if there is an injury shovelling and the large scrapers require real exertion). When I told them there are only two intermediate size shovels, he told me that they would release the large ones as well; 2. the deal is that all snow must be removed around the edges and in the corners and from around the gates or the hockey cannot resume (fair enough). But the staff cannot refuse to give us the shovels and scrapers."

Jan.6, 2004: Very cold day but rink has a group of older men playing very lively shinny, apparently not even noticing the bitter wind.

Feb.28, 2004: Unseasonably warm but rink was still skateable at 1 p.m. Rink staff says they won't call the Dufferin Rink staff about ice conditions because they've been told that the hot line is "bogus."

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