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posted December 15, 2008

Limited use of the kitchen at Christie

December 13, 2008

From: Jutta Mason
To: Lucky Boothe
CC: Donna Densmore, Belinda Cole, Sonia D'Agostino

I just heard that for now there will be very limited use of the kitchen at Christie, and that it will, once again, be unused and inaccessible for community use for most days of the winter. It does sound as though this is entirely a program decision and not based on any legal inquiries re licensing the kitchen to a private contractor versus returning it to program use. Am I right?

I do need some more information, because of the outdoor rink improvement proposals which CELOS continues to work on. Since last year I have been asking Councillor Pantalone's office about the city bylaws and policies affecting Christie and other community rec centre kitchens. I had no answer to these questions and so it's probably best to go through freedom of information.

But in order to demonstrate to the Corporate Access and Privacy office that I have tried all other reasonable avenues to get this public information, I want to ask you also: could your staff send me (electronically) any records of bylaws, policies, and meetings relating to the use of community kitchens in the rec centres or public facilities under the jurisdiction of PFR? I also need the records of contracts and of income derived for PFR from any licenses or contracts issued, for the last five years.

Hopefully this information will be easy to access, since my questions are so basic that most of the information must exist on a few simple spreadsheets. If the facility is not under your authority but under Parks or PDIM, could you forward this e-mail to them? Please cc me on any such forward, since I need to find out quickly whether there is an intention of giving me the information or whether I need to begin the freedom of information process.

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