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Description: Planning for 2006-2007 rink season Status: Closed Department: Categories: Rink, Enforcement Opened: November 16, 2006 Closed: Next:

Fresh start at the rink: November

From Jutta Mason to City Rinks manager Kevin Bowser, Nov.16 2006

That was an interesting rink meeting, I'll send you my notes soon.

A question: Leslie Scrivener of the Toronto Star told me she had asked you about the rink season starting in November, and you told her that no one had ever contacted you asking for earlier opening.

That might be because the public doesn't know your contact information. I'd like to post your e-mail and phone number on the City Rinks web page of our park web site so that people could contact you if they have such concerns.

Please let me know if you have any objection.

From City Rinks manager Kevin Bowser to Jutta Mason, Nov.22 2006

Thanks, Jutta, for arranging the meeting with the local Councillor last week regarding issues at Dufferin Grove. Will look forward to reviewing the minutes when they are distributed.

Regarding posting my phone number and e-mail, I would suggest that residents that need to contact the staff in Parks & Rec regarding various issues for outdoor rinks could communicate through the staff at each rink, whether they work for the Parks Branch and/or Recreation. Ideally, those frontline staff that are visible to residents may be the more appropriate person to communicate with as it relates to issues about the local rink. Issues and/or concerns would then be routed through appropriate staff to be summarized at the end of each season.

From Jutta Mason to City Rinks manager Kevin Bowser, Nov.22 2006

I agree that local issues should go through front-line staff, and of course they do. It was the broader question about the timing of the City's rink season that the Star reporter quoted you on, when she spoke to me. So it's only when there are broader questions that I'll pass on your contact information....if that works for you?

That's also why I asked the Councillor to invite all levels of rink management and staff to the table on Nov.14. There were broader questions of ice quality, rink user satisfaction and staff relations at issue. They just show up a little more at Dufferin Rink because there is a greater intention of follow-up.

I've attached the minutes of the rink meeting. Please let me know if there are errors, so that I can correct them before I post this on the web site and send it to the rink users who want to know about the meeting. You'll note I've cc'd the others at the meeting who have e-mail, to also take note of any errors they pick up.

From Jutta Mason to Recreation supervisor Tino DeCastro, Rink supervisor Brian Green, and Technical Services supervisor Domenic Fantauzzi, Nov.25 2006

As the 'rink historian' doing the record-keeping, I note that there were two glitches last week in carrying out the decisions of the Nov.14 rink meeting:

1. the pre-season meeting for the rink supervisor and his zamboni drivers, together with the rec supervisor and his rink on-site staff, was scheduled for Friday Nov.24 but it didn't happen after all, because of scheduling conflicts -- there's still one week to make it happen

2. on Thursday Nov.23, the tech services staff came and went without doing the check-in/check-out with the on-site rink staff. Maybe the market was too confusing. Could they be reminded of their communication duties? Takes five minutes or less.

From Dominic Fantauzzi to Jutta Mason, Nov.25 2006

I am currently on vacation , and will be returning on December 04,2006. In my absence please contact John Abela 392-6631 or Tom Feeney 392-7266

From City Rinks supervisor Brian Green to Jutta Mason and Dominic Fantauzzi, Nov.25 2006

For the historical record Roman , Roger, Jim and Dexter(Zamboni staff) were at Dufferin at 11 am for the meeting.

From on-site recreation staff Mayssan Shuja to City Rinks supervisor Brian Green, and Jutta Mason, Nov.25 2006

Just to confirm, Roman, Roger, Jim and Dexter only came to have a cup of coffee at the rink house. Tino's scheduling made us cancel the 11am time and word of that, although sent around 6pm the previous night, did not get passed on. That said, Brian: thanks to your staff for coming and can we secure a date to actually have this meeting, with everyone. Tino has emailed you with Monday at 10 or Tuesday at 1pm this week. After that he is off. Can one of those times work for you and arena operators? I have confirmed that both work with Rec. Staff.

From Jutta Mason to Chris Gallop, assistant to Councillor Adam Giambrone, Nov.27 2006

Just to put it in writing: People who need to be there to set the schedule at the agreed-on pre-opening meeting: Brian, Tino, Roman (foreman), Dexter, Roger, third zamboni driver, Mayssan, Amy, Lea, Dan, Corey, Anna.

Source for this advice: Ann Ball -- "get everyone to the table, that way they all hear the same thing."

Possible (new) times: Weds at 6 p.m., Thursday at 9 or 10 a.m.

Ann Ball also said that if staff have trouble finding time to follow up, Brenda's office can help the councillor's office. I am getting tired and cranky about all the labour needed to make a few simple things work.

From Chris Gallop, assistant to Councillor Adam Giambrone, to Jutta Mason, Nov.28 2006

Tino confirmed the meeting will be happening Thursday at 10 am.

From Jutta Mason to Recreation supervisor Tino DeCastro, Nov.29 2006

There is a slight problems with the minutes of the Nov.14 rink meeting at Dufferin Rink. Although I sent around the minutes and got no return comments, I've just spoken with John Abela (Tech Services supervisor) and apparently Kevin Bowser disagrees with at least one of the points made.

It concerns the main on-site rink staff request: that City workers visiting Dufferin Rink would always check in with the on-site staff on arrival and check out when they leave.

In practical terms, what this would mean for tech services staff is that they come into the rink house, say hello to whatever staff person is there, tell what they're doing (daily compressor check, following up on alarm, whatever) and then go about their work. On their way out, they could walk through the rink house again and let the on-site staff know that everything is okay, or if there's a problem, let them know what action is intended. This is a matter of three minutes' communication between colleagues in total, unless there's a rink problem.

In most workplaces, this would be regarded as simply a normal way that colleagues interact. It helps the on-site staff stay informed -- since they are the staff who deal directly with rink users (i.e. the reason why rinks exist).

Please direct this e-mail to Kevin (who may be back from holidays -- I tried to find our yesterday, but neither my e-mail nor my phone message were answered).

I need to find out: Is the daily check-in/check-out request made at the meeting by the on-site rink staff being refused?

John Abela very kindly offered to be available by phone for any questions about the rink functioning. However a daily call of inquiry by Dufferin Rink staff or friends would take up much more time than the check-in on-site at Dufferin Rink, since John would always have to consult with his technicians. Direct is better.

City Rinks supervisor Brian Green to on-site rink staff, Nov.29 2006

We have rescheduled the meeting to Thursday Nov 30 at 10 am as per Tino's request. My staff will be there; please clean out garage area as Zamboni will be arriving on Friday Dec 1;thanks bgreen

On-site staff Mayssan Shuja to City Rinks supervisor Brian Green, Nov.29 2006

Thank you Brian. I'm glad you were able to find the time to reschedule the meeting so that all interested parties may attend. We've been working on organizing the Zamboni Garage over the past few weeks - but I will make sure it is ready for Friday, December 1st. Thanks for letting me know.

Notes from Nov.30 Rinks/Parks and Recreation Meeting.

Present were Supervisors Brian Green and Tino Decastro, Arena Operators, Park and Recreation staff . Thursday Nov. 30th 2006

  • Ice maintenance schedule is attached. There are to be 4 ice maint. shifts a day. EXCEPT on Sunday, with three. Saturday and Sunday differ from rest of days.
  • Extra ice maintenance to be Monday and Friday till 10am (instead of Monday till 11am) as needed
  • Hockey pad is to be scraped first always! Sunday only 3 ice maint.
  • Arena Operators (AO) will notify Recreation (Rec.) staff before arriving by 15 mins. on the radio.
  • A.O. will greet Rec. staff upon arrival and both can discuss rink conditions while Zamboni is being filled then both go to clear the ice.
  • Rec. staff to wear vest, whistle and creepers when on ice, as does A.O.
  • Lift gates will only be raised fully on Sundays by A.O. and lowered on Sunday by rec. staff at 4:55pm. Lift gates to be lifted daily an inch above ice.

Ice cleaning Protocol

  • 1 trained rec. staff will clear ice on pleasure side
  • Swing walk-way door open to close south gap of railing
  • Walk in front of Zamboni onto ice and remain guard until Zamboni leaves pleasure pad.
  • Rec. staff to blow whistle and clear hockey side, then push nets into corners and stand guard at door
  • Zamboni driver/A.O. to open swing gates to hockey pad, clean ice then lock gates.
  • Rec. staff to clear pleasure pad, lock west swing gates. Recreation worker to stand guard at north gap in railings until ice is cleaned.
  • Rec. staff to open w est swing gates, then walk zamboni to garage.

Further notes:

  • A.O. and recreation worker to discuss changes to ice cleaning protocol before hand.
  • Both are to decide if high volume of rink users requires a second recreation work standing guard. E.g., busy Sundays.
  • No ropes will be used to close gap in guardrail of pleasure side. Fence door will swing open to close one gap, other to be guarded by recreation worker.
  • Brian Green to be contact till January 15th (on Call) will advise of rink conditions in Toronto East York district.
  • Blades on Zamboni will only be changed once a week (Park Dept. have declined community offer to pay for more frequent blade changing, stating it is not necessary and is not common practice).
  • Staff will pass along rink user feedback of corners and ice problems to Brian Green.

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