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Rink Diary 2011 - 2012

Saturday Dec.3 2011

skaters on opening day, although 311 says its closed

4:30pm: Though listed on the city's website as closed, 311 reported that this rink was open for public skating from 7-9pm tonight. On arrival it was clear that they had given me the information for the indoor arena by mistake, and when I phoned back they said that the outdoor rink was indeed closed, and that they didn't know when it might open.

The outdoor rink in back of the community centre was covered in frosty snow, but had hard ice underneath. A pair of pleasure skaters were a skating around, the boxes from their brand new skates open by the side of the rink. There were no staff nearby.

Wednesday Dec.7 2011

From rink user Rafael Lewis: I visited the Pleasantview rink today at 11 am (listed as operational under the citys website), but it seemed to be deserted and covered in snow. Doesn't seem usable at all.

covered by snow, no ice maintenance

footprints on the snowy rink
Saturday Dec.31

From rink user Rafael Lewis, around noon: Most of the rink users were shinny players taking shots at the net set up at one end. The ice wasn't in the best condition, but you could skate on it. There were only 2 benches close to the rink, which was pretty inadequate for the number of rink users there. The rubber mats from the benches to the rink were covered in snow. I wouldn't have even seen them, if one of the guys didn't mention it to me.

Aside from me the only other pleasure skaters there were a couple teaching their little one to skate. Everyone else (about 10 other skaters) were there with hockey sticks.


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