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Movable mechanically cooled outdoor rink

Estimate for Mr.Simon Chamberlain, Pearen ice rink, Toronto.


We specialize in the design, fabrication and installation of ice rinks for municipal, commercial and residential environments. All of our ice rink packages are custom-made, nothing is prebuilt so we can fabricate it to any size that you need in order to meet your exact requirements and at the lowest possible pricing.

All of our ice rinks & components are industrial-grade, high quality and are made in Canada and the USA only.

3-5 Business Days Transit, from shipping date

Lead Time & installation time: 6 - 8 Weeks for Fabrication, 8 - 10 Days for Installation

Payment Terms:

50% deposit, prior to approval of order,

Balance, 10-15 Days prior to shipping.

Pricing Validity:

Seasonal and Promotional packages discounts included. Pricing valid for 30 Days only and subject to change at any time.

Pricing is based upon the information receive at this time and can change with site review.

Here are specifications and very accurate pricing for the portable refrigerated outdoor ice hockey rink that you requested:

- 100' x 100' Portable Refrigerated Outdoor Ice Hockey Rink Package: - Includes: Supply, Deliver, Installation, Warranties and Factory-

Authourized Training

- Main Components Included:

- 1) RINK BOARDS: MYBACKYARDICERINK PRO SERIES COMMERCIAL GRADE: 48" in height-20’ segmented radius corners

- SURFACE AREA: 9,656.64 square feet PERIMETER: 370 feet

- BOARD PANELS: 48 inches above refrigerated floor surface, FIBREGLASS 0.250” (1/4”), white, attached to the frame.

- FRAMING: 3" x 1-." x .120 aluminum 6063T top post welded on the stud 1-." x 1-." x .120 aluminum 6063T bottom post welded on the stud.

3" x 1-." x .120 aluminum 6063T stud welded at 3 locations on the post

- FINISH: Clear anodize

- WELDING: Welding compliant to both ASW & CSA W47.2 standards

- MOUNTING: Demountable with all necessary anchors and support bracket required, for level ground installation.

- PLAYER DOOR: Two (2), 30" x 39" doors with stainless steel lock and hinge located along the side of the rink, on 8’section. Lift hatches included.

- UTILITY/SERVICE DOOR: One (1), 2-door sections of 5’ with aluminum 6063T5 locking system of 2" x 0.120" along the side of the rink, on 16’ section. Adjustable stainless steel hinge with lubrication system

- HANDRAIL: .”, blue (available in red as an option upon request), high impact polypropylene thermoplastic polyolefin.

- KICK PLATE: 1/4” x 8”, yellow, protective, FIBREGLASS.

- SHIELDING: Galvanized Fencing (see below) POSTS: Galvanized Posts (see below)


2) ONE (1) 70-TON ICE RINK CHILLER - low temperature - industrial grade - three-phase

3) ONE (1), color touch screen PLC controllers

4) Full glycol charge

5) Process pump(s), Compressors, etc.

6) Storage Tank

7) Portable, roll out, ice rink piping

8) Main headers with couplings and end caps

9) Main Supply & Return Piping/Hosing.

10) Piping repair kit

11) Ice rink polyethylene liner- white, 12 mi, heavy-duty-ripstop

12) Support posts for shielding (16-1/2ft H)

13) Galvanized Fencing around the entire perimeter of the ink (approx. 370 feet)

14) All required connectors

15) Transport / Delivery

16) Installation

17) Factory-Authorized Training

18) 1.5 Years Warranty

SUBTOTAL: CAD$396,787.25

Taxes (where applicable) are extra.

Concrete pad/base if not included in the proposal. Available upon request.

DEDUCTIONS specific to Pearen ice rink:

Please deduct from SUBTOTAL amount:

CAD$72,573.022 to remove completely the above Fibreglass RINK BOARDS (Component #1 above)

CAD$11,658.72 to have galvanized at both ends of the rink only instead of around the entire perimeter (Component #13 above)

CAD$6,965.13 to have protective netting at both ends of the rink only instead of galvanized fencing around the entire perimeter (Component #13 above)


Refrigerated Ice Rink for up to 5-6 months, depending on conditions.



Does not include:

Preparation of site

Concrete build/PAD


Water work

Electrical work

Chiller Startup


Taxes (extra, where applicable: 13% @ Toronto, on)


Protective hockey rink netting

Lighting systems

Goal nets

Seasonal assembly / disassembly


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