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Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is open again. To see the schedule, click here.? For more information about the pool and the community centre, phone 416-392-0039

Photo taken October 31, 2008 - Click to enlarge

September 27, 2008

October 24, 2008

CELOS researcher: "Men were working on the pool today. Their truck was parked on the rink pleasue pad."

October 29, 2008

Workers' vehicles - click to enlarge

CELOS researcher: "There were workers at the pool again today."

October 31, 2008

Water in the swimming pool - Click to enlarge

CELOS researcher: "There were no workers on site when I stopped by at 2:30pm. The doors to the pool were shut, but a gap was left open for two hoses. The hoses were draining water from the pool into a sewer grate outside."

Hoses draining water from the pool
Click to enlarge

Water from the pool emptying into a sewer grate
Click to enlarge

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