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News 2009

posted Spring 2010

The swimming pool is open again. To see the schedule click here. For more information about the pool and community centre, phone 416-392-0039

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What's happening in and around the park

The swimming pool has re-opened

posted December 9, 2008

After a long delay, Wallace-Emerson's indoor pool is open again.

In fall of 2007 Wallace-Emerson's indoor pool closed for the installation of a new filtration and humidification system. The pool was supposed to re-open in January 2008, but still wasn't open at the beginning of November 2008. Read more >>.

Park Problems & Follow-Up 2008

In July, Dyan Marie, the founder of a local community group called Dig In, sent out an email describing some problems with the dirt BMX course at the west end of Wallace-Emerson. She also listed some other concerns about the park. Read more >>

Rink repairs Fall 2008

posted October 24, 2008

This summer there were concerns that the heat from the March fire that destroyed many of the wooden BMX ramps on Wallace's pleasure skating pad might have also damaged the rink pipes underneath. CELOS has been writing about the pipes on the City Rinks website. On October 24, CELOS contacted Chris Gallop from Adam Giambrone's office. Gallop said he had spoken to Parks manager Kevin Bowser who said the rink would open on December 6. Read more >>.

Toronto's Outdoor Ice Rinks

posted December 13, 2007


For information about all of Toronto's 49 outdoor artificial ice rinks, visit the City Rinks website.

Rink Diary 2008-2009

posted October 24, 2008


After the rink opens on Dec. 6. read regular reports in the diary.

Family Skate'n'Shinny
Rock'n'Roll Day

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 24 2:00pm-6:00pm

Drop in shinny skills competitions: 3:00pm-5:30pm on the hockey side! Plus soup and cider at the campfire, live rink-side bands, and a raffle. A fundraiser for Right2Play by the Gas Station Islanders. Read more...

Right2Play fundraiser

posted February 27, 2008


The "Gas Station Islanders" party for their Right2Play fundraiser (sports equipment for kids in war-torn countries). Click here to see pictures from the party.


Events, schedule and more in February's Newsletter

About the Park and its History

posted October 24, 2008


Wallace-Emerson Park opened on Saturday October 16, 1976. Local residents worked for three years to persuade the city to put a park on land which used to be occupied by warehouses. Read more >>.

BMX park a labour of love for 60-year-old
(The Star, Aug 26, 2009)

"Who's the new kid here?" he wants to know. "The kid with the hair."

The kid soaring up and down the BMX ramps in checkered shorts, with a helmet over his shoulder-length hair and nothing but a tan on the rest of him.

Read more>>

Neighbourhood News

posted December 5, 2007


Find out what's happening in your neighbourhood by reading our news section.


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