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posted February 27, 2012


Hours of Operation


Q: How do I get a permit to rent a room? A: To get a permit for renting a room in the community center, please give three weeks lead time. Booking fees for the room are $28/hour.
Any permit enquiries should go directly to the community centre: Nancy Espinola [email protected] 416-392-0039

You can also try Trinity CC which is located at Queen and Crawford. The number there is 416-392-0742.
Please direct any further inquiries for pool programmes to Jennifer Courage the CRP for Wallace Emerson and Mary Mccormick cc. [email protected] 416-392-7985

Q: Do you offer daycare services for Wallace patrons?
A: There are a couple of options for child care offered at Wallace. One is from 9am-12pm, $2 for every 1.5 hours. It's for children 3months and up and they need all their vaccines. Recreation staff look after the children - they are all certified and have frist aid training.
There is also the after-school club, which runs about $400-500. It is a registered program, though, and is all full up until the next registration date - after March break.
Please call the front desk and the staff can help you with any questions. 416-392-0039

Q: How do I register for a youth membership A: To register for a youth membership, the minimum age requirment is 18, but we allow 16 year olds to register with a parent's permission.One of your parents has to come with you and you should bring a peice of ID.

Q: Can I sign up for a membership online? A: You will need to come in to sign up since it requires having your photo taken for your membership card. There is staff on-site 9am-9pm during the week, 9am-5pm on Saturday, and 1pm-5pm on Sunday.



Q: Do you offer shinny lessons?
A: Wallace Rink has a free drop-in class on Thursday nights for beginners. If you are a little better than that, there is an intermediate class offered at Campbell Rink on Monday nights.
Be sure to check back before the beginning of the season next year for more information.''

Q: I would like to bring my class skating at Wallace Rink. Can you give me some information?
A: Classes are welcome to come by the rink during school hours. Please send an email to [email protected] to confirm. In your email, please include your name, school's name, phone number, date, time, number of students, if you need to rent skates (quantity and sizes) and/or shinny equipment, and if you would like rink staff to have snacks available like cookies, hot chocolate, and mini pizzas.

Q: Is there is skate sharpening available at the rink? A: We don't have skate sharpening at Wallace Rink. You can get your skates sharpened at Toronto Hockey Repair or at McCormick Arena.





Q: Hi, I have a 4month baby and I was wondering about taking the baby swimming - can you give me some information?
A: The parent-tot swim is for children up to 5yrs old. The cost is $2 per adult and because your child is under 1 year there is no charge for them. Please have your child in a swim diaper or a cloth diaper with a plastic pant covering the diaper. My suggestion is to also have a t-shirt or envelope shirt/onesie on the baby, while the pool is warm, the little ones loose body heat very quickly.


Q: Hello, I am coming to wallace emerson to teach aquafitness in the summer on Thursday evenings. I'd like to get into your pool and work in it a bit, perhaps do someone else's class so I am familiar with what my students will experience in the pool. Who do I need to speak to to organize this?
A: Any pool programming inquiries should go through the pool department. Jennifer Courage is the person to talk to: [email protected] or 416-392-7985


Q: How long is the pool
A: The pool is 25 metres long

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