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Rink Diary 2011 - 2012

Saturday Dec.3 2011

The rink was open and there were 17 skaters on the two sides. Very good ice. There were many many signs especially inside the change room, almost all of them some form of "thou shalt not..." -- but no signs telling the opening date.

good game, few helmets

an ugly entryway for a much-loved rink

I asked an older shinny hockey player how he found out that it's opening day at the rink. He said he found it on the internet.

Saturday January 7, 2012

crumbling path, crooked front gate

pleasure-skaters on a sunny day

shinny hockey

Rafael Lewis, rink correspondent, at 1 pm: The weather was a balmy 6 degrees and there quite a few skaters on both the pleasure skating rink as well as the shinny rink. I noted one rink guard but he was invisible most of the time. The main gate to enter the arena looked like it had seen better days. The change room had bags and shoes littered all over the place and there were 2 lost and found boxes in one corner of the room with a lot of hats and mitts inside.

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