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Rink Diary 2006 - 2007


Heavy, wet snowfall in the morning closed all city rinks. Otter Creek reopened at 1.30 pm.

Feb.21, 4 pm

Hockey side closed because the sun had made the ice mushy. Pleasure side open.

Dec.19 2006, 1:30pm

There was a game of shinny going with a dozen players. Sadly, they had no nets (only pylons)! A shinny player said that they weren't allowed to use the nets because the temperature was too high. (3 celsius -- ?!?) The BA confirmed that rink supervisor Brian Green had ordered them taken out. However, the ice seemed plenty hard, a little chewed up perhaps, but no water - maybe because it was pretty thin.

The BA said that ice maintenance happens three times a day.

There were schedules printed up, though they were only in the office (which has no windows) - not even one posted in the change room. Age groups are not strictly enforced.

The change room is large with three vending machines, one working and the other two out of order. There's a leaky faucet in the men's washroom, and an old pay phone. There's a window looking onto the rink, with a large spidery crack where something hit it from the inside. There's no complete path to the rink with mats, and no benches outside, so the skaters should be prepared for lots of blade sharpening over the season.

They have shovels on site.

Brian had been by the day before to confirm that the helmet policy should be enforced, and one staff member had written a reminder note that was taped to the desk in the office. However, the shinny players were not wearing helmets.

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