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Ontario Place Rink Profile

Rink change area: Beside rink


Maintenance: This is not an ice rink so it doesn't need to be resurfaced to get the ice off.

Skate Rentals/Sharpening: Friday 6pm 11pm, Saturday & Holiday Weekdays 10am 11pm, Sunday 10am 8pm. Christmas Eve 10am 4pm, Christmas Day Closed. New Years Eve & New Years Day 10am 4pm. Family Day Monday 10am 4pm

Bonfire: Friday 6pm 11pm, Saturday & Holiday Weekdays 6pm 11pm Sunday 4pm 8pm, Christmas Eve 12pm 4pm. Christmas Day Closed. New Years Eve & New Years Day 12pm 4pm. Family Day Monday 12pm 4pm.

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Rink Diary

2017 - 2018

Dec.5, 2017, rink opening on Dec.8

News release about "Winter at Ontario Place" here.

Dec.4, 2017

Lots of activity because there's going to be an opening ceremony with the minister present. Vendors are getting $1000 for 5 hours serving at the event. It's impressive to see how a fantasy landscape is put together in a hurry.

last-minute plastic ice maintenance, with a heater?

dirt and trees placed on top of concrete

moving picnic tables in, skate building behind

laying out the mats for the Beaver tails truck

Choco-sol bike arriving to set up hot chocolate table

bonfire area, made to look woodsy on top of concrete
Nov.27, 2017

the rink at Ontario Place in 1980, Star photo by Dick Loek

the area that got the photoshop overlay in the media release

Summertime, it was a roller rink.


the media release image on BlogTo

the actual rink, Nov.27, ready to go


entry point under construction

The new plastic rink seems to be almost ready, at the Waterfall Stage. Some workers at the site said they think it will open on Dec.1 -- not sure about that. They said there will be skate lending and skate sharpening in the adjacent building. Maybe food too, and music? Could be fun.

Nov.14, 2017

the magic of photoshop only gets you partway

It's a mystery: the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport sent out a press release on Nov.2, saying that their winter programming will include "skating on a synthetic ice rink and other activities."

But there's no evidence of any such rink on the grounds of Ontario Place, nor is there more information available through the Ontario Place media office. Where will it be? When will it open?

BlogTo ran a piece on the rink, but they seem to be mostly guessing too. The picture they got from the province is pretty, but so far it's only a picture -- can't skate on that.

Here's wikipedia on synthetic ice rinks.

Rink Diary

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