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Ombudsman Poster Correspondence

From: Jutta Mason

To: Kelvin Seow
Date: 18/1/2010 11:41 AM

Hello Kelvin,

I have been told by Tino that you want to meet with me on January 26th. That's fine with me. But I have a concern that needs attention before then.

On Saturday I went to Rosedale Rink to put up the CELOS "Ombudsman poster" Monday Outdoor Rink Reports. When I approached the rink attendant for permission to tape the poster on the wall in the change room, I never got to ask the question. He said that he had been told not to speak to me, and walked away. I had never met him before, but the Flying Crew were there at the time, so perhaps they identified me to him.

I assume that as a building attendant he is a PT Recreation staff in the Toronto/EY rink district. Could you let me know who gave him that direction, and on what grounds?

Thank you.

From: Kelvin Seow

To: Jutta Mason
Date: 18/1/2010

Hi Jutta, I'm not sure why he wouldn't speak with you. There is no direction not speak with anyone except the media. I'll have to contact Peter Lewis to find out why he said that. Looking forward to our meeting. Kelvin

From: Jutta Mason

To: Kelvin Seow
Date: 18/1/2010, 12:30 PM

Thanks for looking into this Kelvin. Please let me know what you discover, and what remedy there is -- note that your staff at other rinks have the idea that the rink bulletin boards are only for corporate notices, so on the whole, putting up our ombudsman posters at community outdoor rinks is currently a big time drain for me, with very little result: Ombudsman File

I've also left a message about this problem with Winsome Cain at the ombudsman's office, and for that reason I cc her here.


From: Kelvin Seow

To: Jutta Mason
Date: 12/1/2010

Jutta, I have notified staff that your poster can be posted on the Community board at the rink. If a Community board does not exist then they can post it on a wall with other schedules and notices. Peter Lewis, the supervisor for the Ramsden area, has spoken to the staff that turned you away last Saturday. I would like to apologize for his lack of judgement and professionalism.


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