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200 Eglinton Avenue West. Phone: 416-392-6591

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2004 - 2005

Toronto by the blade

by Dave Bidini, The Toronto Star

Feb. 20, 2005

9:30 a.m., North Toronto Memorial Community Centre: There are a few more skaters here, their blades carving little smiles into the glassy ice. The scene isn't as still or as beautiful as Otter Creek, but the rink's west face backs onto a toboggan run framed by two great conifers jutting out of the hill. There are no hockey players — Sundays, it turns out, are shinnyless — but the pond is dotted with a few spinning kids playing at being Jamie Salé. Rather than sulk about the lack of pucks and goalies, I hide an arm behind my back and enjoy a twirl. Eventually, I retire to the change room inside the adjacent community centre to take off my skates, but then I smell it: chlorine. Summer. Green grass. Melting ice. I hurry to the next cold oval.

North Memorial Rink

North Memorial Hill

North Memorial Rinkhouse

Rink notes (2005)

posted December 20, 2005

  • There are classes offered at this rink. For information contact Richard at 416-392-6591
  • There are vending machines in the hallway which appear to work.
  • There is a snack bar in the community centre upstairs. We were told that it is open only Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings, for special seniors programming.
  • Helmets: the helmet policy is strictly enforced for children under 6.
  • There appears to be no designated men's washroom, just a women's and a wheelchair accessible one. The women's washroom is clean and well stocked. In the accessible washroom there is no soap and it hasn't been swept.
  • Located in North York District. Central Region.

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