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posted September 26, 2007

Highlights of City Council discussions, September 26 2007.

About the outdoor ice rink season:


Councillor Michael Thompson tried to make a motion to included the rinks in the community centre discussions, but that was ruled out of order. We're still transcribing bits of the tapes we made, because some discussions relevant to the rinks did creep in anyway, for example this exchange:

Karen Stintz
Councillor Karen Stintz:

In the legal opinion we have, it indicates here that only council may amend the city budget.

Shirley Hoy
Chief Administrative Officer Shirley Hoy:

I did not amend the budget approved by council. What we have done is managing the delivery of services – just two things – how we deliver, and the service level.

Councillor Karen Stintz:

But in fact, the delaying of the skating rinks is an absolute effect on the 2007 budget, because what we’ve said is we won’t open skating rinks at all in 2007.

Chief Administrative Officer Shirley Hoy:

The service level is reduced.

Councillor Karen Stintz:

Actually that service is eliminated for 2007. The rinks are not supposed to open until January 1 2008.

Brenda Librecz
General manager of Parks, Forestry and Recreation Brenda Librecz:

No in 2007 we actually operated from January to March.

Chief Administrative Officer Shirley Hoy:

We didn’t cut it. The season is reduced. Within ‘07 we’ve already provided that service from January until March.

Councillor Bill Saundercook:

Ms.Librecz, our discussion around the outdoor rinks….In the absence of council’s opportunity to have some input there, would it not make more sense to get a savings at the end of the year versus at the beginning of the year, because the sunshine’s getting hotter to melt the ice, would it not make sense to take advantage of the Christmas break when the kids are all out of school, would it not make sense to open then and close earlier?

Parks, Forestry and Recreation General Manager Brenda Librecz:

We were very clear about what our instructions were, our instructions were to find the savings in 2007, so your points that you’re making are valid ones, but for 2007 we were asked to bring in savings for 2007, and that’s why we brought this in. …..It’s in the start-up of the new season, year over year, that we were trying to save $160,000 or so, and that was the instructions that we were provided.

Councillor Saundercook:

But you’re aware that that would probably eliminate the season for outdoor hockey.

Ms. Librecz:

I understand the implications, and I don’t like them, personally, but this was certainly the direction we were asked to address.

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