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The Rink Opening Saga 2010

See also correspondence about this.

September 15, 2010

Scheduled rink opening dates (as of May 2010)

Update: The following rinks are scheduled to open Saturday November 20, 2010 (pending any revisions): Nathan Philips Square, Dufferin Grove, Regent Park South, Kew Gardens, West Mall, Sir Adam Beck, Rennie Park, Sunnydale, Mel Lastman Square, Broadlands, Glen Long, Hodgson, Irving Chapley, Albert Campbell.

The remaining rinks will open on Saturday December 4.

posted November 12, 2010

Update - on November 12, city management decided to postpone all November 20 openings to November 27, citing weather as the deciding factor. But Harbourfront's Natrel Rink (which is independent of the City) will open on Nov. 20th. Also (Central Park) and the (Rockefeller Center) outdoor rinks in New York City are already open.
So asked city management to let Dufferin Rink open on Nov. 20th, to prove, yet again, that good ice can be made at Toronto rinks at these temperatures in the low-sun month of November.


posted November 15, 2010

If you want to add your voice to those who want the rinks opened as promised on November 20, here's how: rink friends e-mail?.

posted November 16, 2010

Notes about people's response to Delay of Rink openings.

posted November 16, 2010

Interview with CIMCO

CIMCO supplies and maintains the city's outdoor rink compressors, and gave us some interesting information (See Interview with CIMCO). Outdoor Ice can be readily maintained to 10-12 degrees Celsius with compressor cooling, as long as the sun isn't too strong. That's mainly true December through first three weeks of February according to the company. Opening mid November and late February involves a bit more maintenance, but in any case even at the tail ends of the season (November and February), skating is always good late afternoons and evenings.

posted November 17, 2010

Update, November 17: no progress on getting the ice-making started at Dufferin Rink or any of the fourteen city rinks originally scheduled to open Nov.20. Now a request has been sent to Parks director Richard Ubbens, to turn on the compressors at three rinks and let rink users flood them (this time). When City Council reconvenes, the use of our rinks will need to go on their agenda.

City declines offer of help to at least open three rinks soon.

posted November 19, 2010

We made a request? for the City to turn on compressors and allow rink users to flood three outdoor rinks in preparation for opening as soon as possible, owing to the city's delay to November 27. The Parks Director's response makes it clear that the answer is no. Here is a chart responding to his reasonings. So no municipal rinks scheduled to open on Nov.20 opened on time: but Harbourfront did.

posted November 20, 2010

Reality Check

Here's a reality check of the arguments City representatives have made for delaying rink openings to November 27 from the promised November 20 openings.

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