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posted March 19, 2008

Form letter sent to zamboni operators whose jobs were being "deleted"

January 10, 2008

Dear _____

This letter serves as notification to you that your position of ARENA POOL OPERATOR 1 is being deleted effective March 10, 2008 as a result of the ongoing implementation of the Continuous Improvement Program, in Parks Development and Infrastructure Management…..During this period of deletion notice, you will be provided with an opportunity to exercise your redeployment rights…If a permanent position is not found for you by the end of the deletion notice period, March 10, 2008, you may receive notice of layoff…Prior to layoff, you will be able to exercise your seniority rights…If you do not secure a position through this process, you may be laid off and will retain the right of recall for 24 months following the lay-off date.

During this notice of deletion period, you will continue working in your present position at your facility until your position is deleted.

Although the program will present you with a number of challenges, I assure you that we will be working with you to see you through these times.

I wish you success in the future….

Brenda Librecz

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