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posted January 27, 2008

Public use of outdoor rinks

Toronto's 49 outdoor compressor-cooled ice rinks don't get equal treatment. In North York, there are three rinks that are locked a great deal of the time: Broadlands, Irving Chapley, and Glen Long.

North York has three other outdoor rinks: Ledbury, Pleasantview, and Mel Lastman, none of which have fences. So they get lots of use. But the motto at North York rinks seems to be, "if it can be locked, then lock it most of the time."

The compressors are working just the same, and there are staff in the buildings beside the locked rinks, making sure the rinks stay off limits to the un-permitted public except for a few hours a week.

At the beginning of January, the city's outdoor rink manager said he'd tell the staff to open the rinks to the public more of the time. But there's no sign of that, and meantime winter is passing quickly. What a waste!

Broadlands Rink Sunday Jan27 1.00 pm - locked

Dufferin Rink Sunday Jan27 1.30 pm - open for everyone

Glen Long Rink Sunday Jan27 2.05pm - only opened at 2 pm

Ledbury Rink 3 pm -- no fence to lock, lots of happy skaters

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