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Meeting with Councillor Adam Giambroni the first week of January 2006
  • Week of Jan.16: Adam attends a late-afternoon meeting at Wallace with rink staff and any rink users who can make it. (Open meeting). Presence of Brian Green, Tino DeCastro, Dave Dermott essential.Walkabout with all details looked into (garage, compressor room location, gas supply, rink change area sight lines, danger spots, access stairways, etc.) Follow-up with all suggestions, sketches posted afterwards.
  • Week of Jan.23: Mike Johnston gives written evaluations of suggestions (interim). Bulletin board at rink posted with this information. Larger weekend public meeting with Adam Giambrone and Michael Johnston, about rink proposals, at Wallace. (Sunday afternoon?) Barrel fire with marshmallows and hot chocolate. Meeting would be advertised through a neighbourhood mail drop as well as being posted at the rink.
  • Week of Jan.30 - Feb.4: written follow-up response from Michael Johnston, alternative suggestions, costing, etc. posted on Bulletin board. Rink staff encourage rink user discussion during all rink hours, report responses to T.DeCastro or show rink users how to call or e-mail direct if they want.
  • Week of Feb.5: City Hall daytime meeting with Counc.Giambrone, M.Johnston, T.DeCastro, B.Green, D.Dermott, new city rinks manager as representative of B.Librecz, meeting is open to J.Mason and anyone else. (Transparency.) Proposals for RFP details and remaining problems discussed. Afterwards posted on Wallace Bulletin Board.
  • Week of Feb.12: evening meeting at Wallace Emerson for all interested rink users, rink staff, to review proposed RFP details.
  • Week of Feb.19: RFP issued, if approved by city and rink users. Contractors wishing to bid can go and see the rink in operation as they choose.
  • Week of March 13: RFP bidders have their mandatory tour of Wallace Rink with M.Johnston.
  • Week of March 20: M.Johnston meets with Counc.Giambrone, T.DeCastro, B.Green, D.Dermott, J.Mason, rink staff rep to explain Policy and Development recommendations and reasoning. All rink user and rink staff suggestions are taken into account. Past records of bidders with other city projects are taken into account.
  • March 20: Bids deadline. All proposals are circulated (anonymously but otherwise uncensored) to Counc.Giambrone, M.Johnston, T.DeCastro, B.Green, D.Dermott, new city rinks manager as representative of B.Librecz, J.Mason. Followed up with main points of Proposals, "A," "B," "C" etc posted on Wallace Bulletin Board (transparency).
  • Week of March 27: If agreement is reached, contractor is chosen, choice submitted to City staff and Council committees to go through final approval. Or: if no agreement is reached, call public meeting and discuss. This may result in a recommendation to go ahead anyway, or a recommendation to wait for a year wait for additional funding etc.

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