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wood stove at Dufferin


posted Feburary 11, 2006

Report of Community Meeting about Rink Management Board Proposal

February 7, 2006, Dufferin Park Rinkhouse

February 7 2006 rink meeting report.

  • a roomful of rink users
  • some Dufferin Rink staff, plus
  • City Councillor Adam Giambrone;
  • Parks, Forestry and Recreation director Don Boyle
  • 4-5 representatives of the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 416.

posted January 31, 2006

Outdoor Rink Reports, 2005 - 2006

New Wallace Emerson Website

posted January 31, 2006

We've opened a subsite for the Wallace Emerson Centre, mostly its rink. Type "" into your browser.

Public Meeting Sunday February 5 at Wallace Emerson Centre


Meeting with Councillor Adam Giambroni the first week of January 2006
  • Week of Jan.16: Adam attends a late-afternoon meeting at Wallace with rink staff and any rink users who can make it. (Open meeting). Presence of Brian Green, Tino DeCastro, Dave Dermott essential.Walkabout with all details looked into (garage, compressor room location, gas supply, rink change area sight lines, danger spots, access stairways, etc.) Follow-up with all suggestions, sketches posted afterwards.

posted November 21, 2005

Harborfront Rink Opening Before City Rinks

Harborfront Rink

posted October 14, 2005

Bad news: rinks open late again

posted October 15, 2005

Community Dialog about Rink Openings, and Wallace Rink Issues

October 10, 2005, group letter from Jutta Mason to the "friends of the rink list":

posted October 14, 2005

Good news: Rink users and rink staff collaborate to make some good changes at Dufferin, Wallace, Campbell rinks:

posted February 1, 2006

City Rinks Management Board Proposal

All friends of City of Toronto outdoor rinks:
Public meeting Tuesday Feb.7
Dufferin Rink, 7.p.m.

The City's management of outdoor compressor-run ice rinks isnít working.

For quite a few years now, friends of Dufferin Rink and other outdoor rinks have advocated for improvements in outdoor rink operations throughout the city. Sometimes it seemed like we were getting somewhere, but lots of times the problems returned.

Now we seem to have hit a wall. Outdoor rinks are still often poorly maintained. At Dufferin Rink, the zamboni drivers say they canít stand working at any rink run like this one. The city's management, distracted by a problematic departmental reorganization, has let this situation develop with little interference. Read more >>

posted January 24, 2006

The Upside-Down World of City Rinks


For some years now, most of the Cityís staff zamboni operators have been reluctant to work at Dufferin Rink. Some have not been shy to say so. They say thereís too much interference with their regular way of running rinks. The zamboni drivers seem particularly unhappy about the idea that they should match their ice maintenance visits to the rink program schedule. One particular zamboni operator recently insisted on clearing the ice before a hockey permit was finished, because, he said, that was his prerogative if he felt like it. When a rink friend argued with him, the zamboni driver and his partner left the rink without grooming the ice at all, and went home early. A few days later some of the City zamboni drivers summoned their supervisor to a health and safety meeting.

posted February 20, 2006

Does Anyone Have a Broom?


The City of Toronto has 49 outdoor ice rinks that are cooled by compressors. Many northern cities have one or two such rinks, usually in central plazas or major parks. We have them in neighbourhoods as well, the only city in the world to build such a large number. They're worth more than $60 million. They're supposed to be looked after by Toronto's Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division, but the system for maintaining most of those rinks is a shambles.

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