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Monday Outdoor Rink Report #5, December 21, 2009

1. Two responses came back, one from the General Manager and one from the Parks Director, addressing some of the questions raised in various e-mails and rink reports.

2. Holiday hours: Big progress here. The outdoor rinks will be more available to Torontonians on the statutory holidays this year, than in any other year since amalgamation. If the plan is followed, some of the West region rinks will have somewhat less maintenance than in some of the other years, but all the other rinks will have more. CityRinks will visit various rinks on those days, and report back on how it worked.

3. Unlocked front doors at West Mall and Giovanni Caboto: more progress. The Parks Director has now instructed his staff to keep those front doors open and accessible during all the hours of rink operation. He said he may cancel that directive "if problems arise." CityRinks will visit those rinks and see how it's working and learn about what problems might be arising from such access.

4. Piled-up garbage and litter at Ward 18 rinks: Two weeks' supply of garabge was now picked up at Campbell Rink, and the recreation program staff have begun to take over litter picking in a 100-meter radius of the rink buildings.

5. Ice maintenance at Wallace Rink:

- the daytime zamboni driver who resurfaces Dufferin Rink has now been directed to go up to Wallace Rink and do one extra daytime rink resurfacing there. The problems with that plan are:

a) this additional ice maintenance does not fit Wallace's (and all the other double-pad rinks') pattern of use. Wallace needs its last flood after 7 at the earliest, as was established last rink season.

b) sharing zamboni drivers with Dufferin Rink can be tricky, since Dufferin Rink is currently very heavily used. For comparison:

Five recent spot-check census counts (Friday Dec.18, at 2 pm and at 8 pm; Saturday Dec.19 at 5 pm; Sunday Dec.20 at 12 noon and at 4-5 pm) showed this usage:

  • Dufferin Rink: spot check total of 487
  • Wallace Rink: spot check total of 283
  • Giovanni Caboto Rink: spot check total of 114

Suggested Solution:
Since Giovanni Caboto rink is also very close to Wallace Rink, we would like to repeat our earlier suggestion that that those two rinks can share a driver. Of course, this also means that Wallace Rink needs ice resurfacing equipment available for the driver.

6. Ice maintenance at Dufferin Rink: Dufferin Rink needs as-needed access to its zamboni driver on busy days and in the event of snowflurries. It is unclear to us whether Dufferin ink has a dedicated Zamboni driver on the evening shift, since there is no as-needed service, only the regularly scheduled maintenance.

Suggested solution: since on-site Dufferin Rink recreation staff are not permitted to contact their ice maintenance colleague directly by radio, ask the zamboni driver, wherever he is, to contact the rink frequently to ask about ice conditions.

Click on poster to enlarge it

7. Visit to the ombudsman's office: this meeting was on Friday Dec.18 at 10 a.m. We were asked to provide them with a list of ten problems and what we would hope for as solutions. The ombudsman will then consider that list and see which, if any, of the items fall within her purview. We would like to involve as many rink users as possible in making that list, and will therefore ask for permission to put the attached poster on as many rink and community centre bulletin boards as possible.

7. 311 and other outdoor rink information: the 311 line received holiday information six days before the first stat holiday. This is too late, but at least it's available now. CityRinks will continue to monitor the 311 information, if only to make sure that is up to date. had just under 15,000 visits during the first month of the rink season.

8. Request for a follow-up meeting re CELOS programming suggestions for Giovanni Caboto Rink: no response yet.

Jutta Mason

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