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Rink Diary 2009 - 2010

E-mail to from S.W.:

"My neighbourhood is getting the short shrift on public rink hours, and in a big way.

Part of the reason I bought this house near Monarch Park a few years back is that it would be an easy two-block walk to a rink.

Then, I discovered that you open too late to permit a skate before I go to work and you close too early to permit one after I get home.

And it's not as if I work long hours or spend a lot of time commuting.

I know that some neighbourhoods complain about people using rinks late at night, but our local pad is not close to houses. It's ideal for late evenings.

The only other way around this is to get into my car and drive elsewhere (which a city guy suggested a few years ago)."

That's not very green.

Sunday January 3, 2010, e-mail to the city recreation supervisor who is the lead on rink programming

Can you help with this? This skater says they don't unlock Monarch Rink until noon. They need to have it unlocked much earlier, even if they don't unlock the change-room. Brenda Patterson says keeping rinks unlocked the maximum amount is their new policy. Who is the best person to get that message to the Monarch Rink staff?

Also, it may be possible to try leaving the rink unlocked at night, yes?....If this one is not near enough to houses to bother anyone, it could be like the many unfenced rinks that are accessible all the time.

Thursday January 7 2010, e-mail from S.W.

"All good on the Monarch Park front. It was open at 10:30 a.m. when I checked yesterday and I was able to get in a morning skate this morning. City people were much more helpful than when I tried a few years back."

January 12 2010, e-mail from S.W. to CityRinks

Aside from the shinny I've been getting in on weekday mornings, I took in the public skates on Saturday and Sunday.

The ice at MP has been quite good on weekday mornings, but both days on the weekend, there were nasty ruts behind where the nets would be. An extra scrape both days would have been good.

The change room is at MP is big enough to accommodate another bench or two, and clearly could use them.

The atmosphere, however, was quite excellent. Quite the cross-section of skaters, with obvious care and courtesy among those who skate quite quickly and well for those just learning.

On Sunday afternoon, while skating at my local, it felt great to be a Torontonian.

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