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Rink Diary 2008 - 2009

Monday Dec.22 2008

About 10 players with zero helmets. The ice is pretty bad, it needs a scrape and flood but the edges are melting from the sunshine, which is made worse because the edges are especially thick with mounds of ice that have built up due to heavy precipitation. The staff have a schedule to hand out and they have posted it all around.

2 staff members are there and one is working very hard on cleaning up while the other is working very hard on being invisible (no staff shirt, no response when spoken to, Ipod on too loud, maybe).

Parents and kids seem pretty happy there but staff say that enforcing the pleasure/ shinny divide is hard and sometimes dangerous because the rink schedule online at is not up to date so people are constantly angry and disappointed.

Monarch had a lesser rebuild, a few new benches and mats but it isn't as obvious as Withrow or Riverdale. Staff say Monarch is the poor cousin since Jimmie Simpson is a priority centre, and Greenwood is a double pad and Riverdale, Withrow, Dieppe and Kew are all in wealthier neighborhoods. There is snow in the hockey boxes and the hard working staff is about to get to it after finishing refilling the soap dispenser. That is right...a rink with soap in the bathroom- that deserves a prize!

There are 3 vending machines, all working now but staff say they break frequently and are objects of theft. There are no helmets available. the ice gets done once a day before 10am usually.

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