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Rink Diary 2007 - 2008

Thursday 30 January

Inside there were 3 people and there were 3 people playing shinny. There are no helmets. The ice is good, it was last done in the morning and will be done in the evening. Usually they get ice maintenance twice a day. There is a lot of graffiti around the building. They do have a schedule posted and they have one to take home.

Saturday January 12

5pm: This large single pad rink shares its changerooms with the pool in the summer time. The outside sign is still defaced from last year and someone has put the "rink at times unsupervised Skate at own risk" sign in the large outdoor sign in such a way that it is now unreadable.

"NO PARENTS ALLOWED ON ICE UNLESS WEARING SKATES" reads a new sign, alongside the signs with helmet policy signs explaining the sponsorship of helmets available. Are skates available for parents not allowed who are not allowed to help their kids skate? Something to check up on.

The staff have split the ice with pylons to make clear where hockey skaters may skate and where pleasure skaters may skate. Patrons are happy and the ice is in good condition. Washrooms are well stocked and clean.

Dec.13 2007

Active on Ice Year 3 had its first skate yesterday (Greenwood School’s skating program). The schedule has them skating every Mon/Wed at Monarch (except when there are staff functions)after school. Unfortunately the ice was bad. Here's the teachers' report: "Skating went well. Quite a good turnout - about 15 skaters. The ice was horrible, but the kids made the best of it."

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