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Rink Diary 2003 - 2004

Monarch Park Rink

Dec.13, 2003: Official opening day for the season. At 4 p.m., Monarch Park was locked. The rink house is surounded by chain link fence. There was rough ice. The flying squad, using the Kew Beach rink zamboni, were just driving up as I was there. They said they didn't know why the rink wasn't open but they were about to service the ice. The public information board still had last year's schedule on it.

January 6, 2004 1.20: Perfect ice. Lots of light there too, big windows (with wire mesh). Comfy office with a big cozy couch and a sunny window -- B.A. reading paper. But he was friendly, had the door propped open. Says he likes the job because it's so quiet, says they don't have much trouble there. He also says there is a good womens' shinny time there on Thursday nights.

Another staff who works there is militant about not giving out the phone number to rink users -- looks to me like there's lots of time to answer calls, though.The schedule on the outside blurry bulletin board is still from last year -- beside an overflowing trash basket. No schedules were available to give out.

Monarch Park


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