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Rink Diary 2011 - 2012

Thursday Nov.17 2011

No sign of startup. The concrete doesn't even look painted yet (they do a white surface ever year to offset the black from the reflecting pool). And this is a civic rink!

Wednesday Nov.23 2011

ice looks good

5:00 pm: A Zamboni crew member said the rink is open for skating, though they'll still flood some more this evening to get some more thickness to the ice. The changerooms are open. There's benches & mats down at the west end of the rink. A few people stopped as they came by to look at the ice, and one asked if I knew when the rink would be open. She was very pleased when I told her it's open now.

The reason she didn't know is that there were no signs up about the rink opening for the season. There was only one sign on a board saying use at your own risk and 'No Hockey'.

Sunday Dec.18 2011

good skating weather

Photo from correspondent Rafael Lewis: "There were parents with their little ones skating about."

Monday Jan.2, 2012

From rink correspondent Rafael Lewis: Around noon there were skaters of all ages present, from very young to some older skaters. There was no music playing (usually when I visit on weekends there is) but everyone was having a great time. The zamboni came out to clean up the ice as I stepped on for the first time. I had my headphones on so I never noticed until I turned a corner and saw him politely gesturing me to get off the ice. It was a bit windy and cold, but that didn't seem to bother any of the skaters.

January 2, 2012

Saturday Jan.6, 2012


From rink correspondent Rafael Lewis: Around 6:30 pm, I was at the rink and here I have attached one of the lit up tree just at the corner of the rink, its really nice. Being a Friday night with pretty mild temperatures there were a lot of teens on the ice. There was music and the zamboni was out just as I got to the rink so the ice was in excellent condition when I got on.

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