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Rink Diary 2009 - 2010

Tuesday November 17th, 2009

This rink is scheduled to open on the 21st of November. At around 2pm, there was a lot of activity in the North York Civic center nearby, but no staff that knew anything about the rink. The security guards there were unaware that there was a rink, they were there mainly to do crowd control for the flu vaccination waiting area. The rink pad seemed clean , but the compressors were off. There was a rink sandwich board up with signage about not having ice melters close to the rink, and that hockey was not permitted, but nothing about the opening date. Indoors the rink change area was cordoned off with yellow caution tape. The security guards said there was some construction going on. Upstairs at the PFR offices, a lady at the main desk gave me a number for a supervisor of the downstairs area.

Friday November 20th, 2009

Overcast, windy. The parks staff working said that the good news was that the compressors were in good condition and ready to go. However, the decision was made early in the week that due to temperatures in the 10s and sun, that it was not possible to make ice. They were hoping to start on Tuesday the 24th.

Tuesday Nov. 24 2009

1 pm: Mel Lastman square. Workers are on site. The rink has its closed signs up. The compressors must be doing a dandy job because there is frost on the pad. I talk to the workers: they say they turned on the compressors last night and they will start flooding tonight (Tuesday night). I ask why they didn't turn on the compressors earlier, they say there was no point because the weather was too warm. I tell them Nathan Phillips opened, they say it is warmer in the north of Toronto. When is it going to be ready? I ask. When it's ready is their answer.

Monday Nov.30, 2009

Mel Lastman square is OPEN ! as of this weekend according to the parks staff. No skaters but the music is on. The ice is described as "soft" by the worker but it isn't soft. It looks and feels good on my boots.

Dec.16 2009

12.30pm: 7 skaters, some beginner. No helmets

Monday Dec 21 2009

11 am: 6 skaters, none with helmets, all pleasure skaters. I ask how the skating is going, they say the rink is too small.

Dec.22 2009

12.30pm: 10 skaters, no helmets 2 staff. Everyone looks happy and the music is christmas-y.

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