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Chris Selley: Keep the bureaucrats off the ice, people will continue to skate on the frozen Grenadier Pond. September 19, 2015, The National Post

"....on Friday the parks committee considered a report suggesting city hall re-assume management of skating on the pond, done away with post-amalgamation amidst liability and cost concerns. The city would declare the ice safe or not, clear it of snow — tasks currently performed by dedicated locals — and invite the masses to partake."

Cost: "a one-time capital outlay of $192,000 and annual operating costs of $123,000, to cover “the services of an ice engineer and ice surveyor,” “de-naturalization of a portion of the eastern shoreline to ensure safe access,” “maintenance staff … maintain the ice surface,” yet more staff to provide first aid and keep skaters in their officially approved area, “purchase of required maintenance equipment such as a Zamboni,” “construction of a seasonal storage building,” a “safety perimeter boundary, a flag system, minor safety lighting and signage,” “seasonal washroom facilities and office space for staff.”

"[T]he parks committee members....voted Friday for a motion from [City Councillor] Doucette asking staff to study a less expensive option — ice-testing and a designated skating area without all the bells and whistles."

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