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posted on March 07, 2012

Outdoor ice hockey could perish in some areas of Canada: study

By: Aly Thomson
Published: 03/04/2012
Source: The Canadian Press

Original article with video clip.

Canada's favourite pastime is on its way to being an indoor-only sport in some areas of the country, a new study warns.

The study, released Monday by United Kingdom-based IOP Publishing, says outdoor ice hockey in Canada is being threatened by climate change.

Lawrence Mysak, co-author of the report and a professor at McGill University in Montreal, Que., said warmer winter temperatures caused by climate change is restricting the operation of ice rinks.

"We were able to see that in general, the rinks were being opened later and later over the last... 50 years, and secondly that the length of the season has also shortened by... one or two, sometimes three weeks," said Mysak from his office in Montreal last week.

Mysak fears the gradual warming of the earth caused by burning fossil fuels could eventually cause the beloved outdoor activity to perish in several decades.


Video clip quote from Parks Director Richard Ubbens:

"We're running our compressors and our chilling plants a lot more aggressively. This year alone or hydro consumption was up considerably -- you know -- four or five-fold more expensive."

Editor's note: this is unlikely to be the case.

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