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posted on March 09, 2011

Best of New York: Best Skating Rink

By: Jacob E. Osterhout AND Amanda P. Sidman
Published: Friday, February 25th 2011

-#1 Lasker Rink

Central Park, 110th St. and Lenox Ave., Manhattan; (917) 492-3857, adults $6.50, children $3.50, skate rental $5.50

Here is a myth that all skating rinks are created equal. One visit to Lasker Rink at the top of Central Park dispels this falsehood. Consisting of two rinks, Lasker is a fun time for both experts and novices with friendly staff, modest prices and an enjoyable outdoor atmosphere. Plus, itís less crowded and cheaper than its famed Central Park counterpart, Wollman Rink. Sure, it doesnít maintain the glamorous appeal of the rinks at Rockefeller Center or Bryant Park, but Laskerís beauty lies in its simplicity. You donít have to wait in line to skate and you wonít be fighting off the hordes of tourists. Of course, you could be fending off a pro since this is where visiting NHL teams come for some outdoor skating fun.


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