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posted on November 22, 2009

Porter: The power of soup, skates and simplicity

Jutta Mason helped ensure the rinks at Dufferin Grove Park
will open Nov. 21, 2009, a week earlier than last year
and that the hot chocolate will be on.

By: Catherine Porter
Published: November 21, 2009
Source: The Star

If you've been grumbling about the rain these past few days, blame Jutta Mason.

She's been praying for it.

Not one to leave things up to bureaucracy even a celestial one she's taken matters into her own hands. If you, like me, had reluctantly tugged off your pyjamas before midnight one night this week, pulled on your rain boats and ventured across the city to Dufferin Grove Park, you too would have found her beneath the foggy lights oversized winter coat, canary-coloured mitts, struggling with a heavy industrial hose to flood the two rinks.

"If they knew I was doing this, they'd be completely aghast," she says, smiling mischievously. "What the hell? The problem is they're not doing it."


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