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posted on January 09, 2008

Toronto Sun Outdoor Rinks Iced

Outdoor Rinks Iced

By: Rob Granatstein
Published: Jan 6, 2008
Source: Toronto Sun

There's nothing better than a clean sheet of ice to skate on -- especially one you've shovelled clean yourself. As Roy MacGregor so eloquently wrote in a column in the Globe and Mail over the holidays, the backyard rink is a fleeting sight in southern Ontario. Even Wayne Gretzky's old backyard rink has been turned into a swimming pool. A recent trip out west -- and the NHL's New Year's Day Winter Classic -- reminded me just what we're missing. Spending two weeks on the outskirts of Calgary proved hockey can be alive and wel and not governed by the left-wing lock or the trap. Out on Chestermere Lake, just a few minutes from downtown Calgary, two large rinks were plowed on to the frozen surface, along with a few other skating pads and a track that stretched around the perimeter of the man-made lake. Many of the houses backing on to the lake featured their own nets and rinks.


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