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Ethennonnhawahstihnen Park rink profile

built in 2018
compressors: CO2 plant (built by CIMCO)

Ethennonnhawahstihnen (pronounced Etta-nonna wasti-nuh) means "where they had a good, beautiful life" in Wendat. This park was formerly named Woodsy Park.

Opening Nov.26, 2022
Closing: TBA

Rink change area: A small, bright indoor change room (with a double sink) and benches outdoors. Round skating loop, no fences. Accessible washroom with rubber flooring around the back of the building

Staff: no staff on site

Helmet use: free choice

Maintenance: Ice maintained by zamboni

Comments about this rink: e-mail us at [email protected].

new skating loop in North York, surrounded by acres of new construction, next to a mall and the 401

City Councillor Shelley Carrol on why the renaming: Youtube Sept.3, 2019

Staff report for North York community council, Sept.24, 2019


Rink Diary

2022 -2023

Nov.27, 2022

This rink is marked as open


Rink diary from other years


Dec.9, 2019

This rink appeared on the city list for the first time on Sunday Dec.8. Our visit was on a rainy day when the ice had water on it. A city staff person was laying rubber flooring in the washroom. He was cheerful despite the rain and said that ice was fine, "where are your skates?"

There are cranes and construction fences everywhere, and the adjacent Hwy 401 is a dull roar.

rink building surrounded by tall towers

outside benches look cold to sit on

small but bright change room

view out the change room window

campfire pit right beside the rink?

map of public art at "Woodsy Park"

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