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Welcome to The Unofficial Website of Toronto's Outdoor Skating Rinks

There's nothing like outdoor skating

A project of CELOS

Natural Ice Rink: This rink is not operated by the City of Toronto

Leaside Rink Profile

Features: Night lighting. Single pad, on top of baseball diamond.

Comments about this rink: e-mail us at [email protected].

Rink diary 2016

Jan.23, 2016: no rink

Rink Diary


Feb.14, 2015

At 9.30a.m. on a pleasant Saturday, there were no skaters on the ice. It's a nice big natural ice rink, but it was a little hard to figure out how people even get on the ice, since there's a lot of snow and there are no shoveled paths to the rink. There are no benches set up for people to sit on while changing their skates, but there are a few picnic tables not too far away. However, to be useful, they would need a path shoveled from the tables to the rink.

building on left, right behind on right

TNO: list of prohibitions and liability protections

This rink is not a community rink -- it's a project of the Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office (TNO). They have skates available to borrow, but only for two hours a day (between five and seven pm), because the skates are stored some distance away, in a side room off an underground garage that mostly stores valuable antique cars.

nice big rink

shovels set out for anyone to use

A teacher from nearby Morris Cody School says they would like to bring their students to skate, but they can't because there is no washroom access. Actually, the summertime outdoor swimming pool/tennis club building is right there, and it has washrooms as well as storage rooms where the skates could be put near the rink. But at this point the official word is, wintertime access to this City Parks facility is not permitted.

snowed-in picnic tables not far from rink: shovel a path

nearby swimming pool/tennis court building: storage

men's washroom door right near rink

women's washroom just around the corner

At 2.30, there were four people skating at the rink.

Jan.17 2015

At about 9.30 pm, a car was just leaving -- it contained staff from Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office, who had just done a try-out of the ice surface. They said they had been flooding for about 10 days and were planning to flood for another 10 days before the rink was opened for the public. They felt that the unusually long flooding period would make the rink safer for skaters.

The ice looked a bit uneven but plentiful.

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