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2009 - 2010

Sunday Nov 29 2009

The rink is not open but the ice is in. It is in as good shape as Dufferin was on November 21. The rain will have helped.

Tuesday Dec.1 2009

News came that Kew Rink is open.

Sunday Dec 6 2009

7.30: - open no skaters.

Wednesday Dec 16 2009

6pm - 6 skaters of varying ages, little ones with helmets. Across the park there are 4 families trudging across the frozen ground toward the rink with skating bags and children in tow.

Friday Dec.25 2009

2 pm: 4 skaters, no helmets.

Friday January 1, 2010.

Some kids went to the rink to find it locked. One of the kids called his dad, who is the Fixer at the Toronto Star. He wrote a sharp-tongued column about it.

Certainly the Parks Director had assured us that all rinks would be open on New Year's Day, but somehow that message didn't get through at Kew Beach Rink. For more information about the citywide rink issues, our Monday Rink Report covering January 1 is here.

Friday January 15, 2010

Numbers sample 9pm: 8 shinny players, (4 with helmets).

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