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2006 - 2007

Feb.22 2007

Heavy, wet snow for three hours in the morning. The loader went to clear this rink first but it broke down and so the rink appears to have been closed most of the day.

Dec.18 2006, 1pm

The ice was good. About 10 shinny players- varying in ages from young teens to middle aged fellows whipping around the rink- nice scene!

The compressor had broken last week but it was fixed. The concrete had been cleaned before the ice went in- few leaves.

The skaters were not helmeted. The schedule was posted and when we asked the staff, we were given a copy too. There's one discrepancy between the city and the official skating guide on Thursday.

The flying squad zamboni appears more or less regularly once a day or so, without a fixed schedule. One staff was present. The rink has bleachers but no out door benches although many mats. It is clean and residential parking is available and the lake spreads out before us, all in all a typically quaint beaches scene. There is no food.

The helmet policy (see picture) is posted for 13 and under. The code of conduct is not posted.

The change room is split men's and women's and has lockers and mats galore. No schedules are posted in the changerooms. There are public phones and non-public phones for staff in their office. The green shovels are expected to arrive, but not yet.

Report from zamboni driver, Dec.15 2006:

Rink was closed today, no idea why.

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