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Saturday Dec.3 2011

12:10pm: The rink was locked, with a few skaters checking out the ice from the other side of the fence. The two recreation staff in the nearby staff office said that they were having problems with the ice, and didn't know when it would be open. They said the zamboni crew had been here in the morning working on the ice.

I couldn't walk the ice, so hard to tell how hard it was, but it looked comparable to others I saw later in the day. A few puddles, possibly a bit thin along the edges, maybe a big soft along one side, and frosty in spots. The rink washrooms were locked. No benches, but some green picnic table piled nearby.

Sunday Dec.4 2011

5:40 pm: It's raining, there's no one on the ice but there was a rink guard & building attendant in the office, one came out to ask if I was looking for info. He let me know that the rink is officially open and they'd have schedules to hand out this week. There's a sign on the ladies' washroom/change room saying 'the facility is closed for maintenance' but it was open.

rink has more ice now

edges are still rough
Friday Dec.9 2011

E-mail from rink user Shawn Knox: The Jimmie Simpson Park rink was cleaned once in 24 hours. I went for 1:00 shinny this afternoon and the ice was awful. Can we expect the ice at Jimmie Simpson park to be cleaned more frequently??

I live across the street from the rink and would love to enjoy the ice, however thus far the condition of the ice has been horrible. Thatís not to say that when the ice has been clean itís bad. The condition of the ice after itís been cleaned with a zamboni is great! The problem is that the ice is cleaned so infrequently that the condition is awful most of the time. Maybe I am jumping the gun here, I realize that Itís early in the season and maybe the cleaning schedule hasnít fully ramped up yet but the past two days I have gone over to play 1:00 shinny and the ice has been so bad that you can barley skate on it and when you try to shoot or pass the puck you more likely to hurl an avalanche of snow rather than a puckÖ

Iíve lived in the city for a few years now and have used other outdoor rinks within the city and have never had a problem with the zamboni schedule in the past, so I hope things will get more consistent soon because I would love to enjoy the rink this winter.

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