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2003 - 2004

Jimmie Simpson Changeroom Door (before)

The sign on this door just said "Men's"...

Here is the entrance into the changeroom. The sign on it says "Men". Here is the entrance into the changeroom. The sign on it says "Men". When our visitor went to this rink in the first week of January around 1 p.m., there were no staff but a shinny player told her which door to go in (all the others were locked). The ice was in very good condition, but how would a person know where to change into their skates?

Our visitor passed along this suggestion to the rink manager: could staff go out with a bit of paint and paint "rink changeroom" on the door? Well, they couldn't find paint but they did have paper and tape.

Jimmie Simpson Changeroom Door (after)

...then the staff added this sign.

Jimmie Simpson Rink

Good shinny here

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