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wood stove at Dufferin


2011 - 2012

Thursday Nov.17 2011

The rink looks like it's only half done. Much like last year. And the half that was done looked a mess -- like shell ice.

Friday Nov.25 2011

The ice looks very thin, with darker patches showing where there may be cement. This is a very quiet little Rec centre -- only a few kids in a daycare room. The caretaker/rink staff was sitting in his office. I asked him when he thought the rink would open. He said: "call 311," and then he got up, shut his office door, and walked away. I said, "thanks for being so informative!" He said, over his shoulder, "no problem."

But then out in the parking lot as I was getting into my car he said, "we've been through this before. You can't make ice when it's eleven degrees." I told him he should look at Dufferin Rink, and then I drove away.

no sign about rink opening, only "no trespassing"

Nov.25: very thin-looking ice

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