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Dufferin Rink December 26, 2007

High 1 celsius, low - 1. Boxing Day, with the traditional crowds and then some, skating off their Christmas turkey dinners. So many families, and so many of them apparently knowing how to have a good time.

strollers on rink help young families

parent-child hockey time

family-friendly rink on Boxing Day
High Park Rink January 1, 2009

The city holiday schedule says that High Park rink is open but without supervision. In actual fact, there are two staff there -- a zamboni driver and his assistant. They are sitting in the observation office. Because of the holiday, there are no program staff or rink guards where the actual skaters are. But there are plenty of skaters, both on the shinny hockey pad and on the pleasure-skating side, many looking like they're having a very good time.

shinny hockey on New Year's Day

lots of pleasure-skating
Rennie Rink January 1 2009

The rink was really full of people, the big parking lot had no spaces left. There was a big shinny game and there were lots of people skating around the tree. The ice was excellent -- the zamboni driver said he's been assigned to work 10 to 6, all by himself -- no rink staff at all! He said it's strange to have only himself there as staff. But the scene looked verv friendly, lots of Happy New Year's, nobody acting foolish, so that they would have needed direction from a rink guard.

The zamboni driver said that they have not lost one day all season so far.

the view out the rink clubhouse window

skating around the trees
Withrow Rink Dec.30 2009

Christmas-holiday pleasure-skaters

Numbers at 4 pm: 25 pleasure-skaters, 13 in the change room. One building attendant and two rink guards (one inside).

The building attendant said he's been working at the rink for many years and he was surprised that this year the changerooms were closed on Christmas and Boxing Day, and are scheduled to be closed on New Year's Day as well. He said that on Christmas Eve there were so many people at the rink and by 6 pm there were still more coming, but he had to ask them to leave the changerooms and lock the building.

Kew Rink January 1, 2010

Some kids went to the rink to find it locked. One of the kids called his dad, who is the Fixer at the Toronto Star. He wrote a sharp-tongued column about it.

Certainly the Parks Director had assured us that all rinks would be open on New Year's Day, but somehow that message didn't get through at Kew Beach Rink. For more information about the citywide rink issues, our Monday Rink Report covering January 1 is here.


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