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2008 - 2009

Nov.25, 2008

From shinny hockey player Craig Pardey, about Beginners' Shinny at Hodgson: The good news is that you don't have to sign up or pay a dime; you just show up and play :) The only requirement is that you wear a helmet although most people also wear hockey gloves.

The City usually assigns an instructor to help out with some drills for the first 1/2 hour, and then we play for an hour or so.

There are also other times at Dufferin Grove and Ramsden - both also free and require no sign-up.

Hodgson opens Dec 6, so the first game will be Sun Dec 7 @ 8.30pm Ramsden opens Dec 6, so the first game will be Fri Dec 12 @ 6pm Dufferin opens Nov 29, so the first game will be Wed Dec 3 @ 10pm

Thursday Dec.25 2008

Hodgson Rink was open and staffed on Christmas Day.

Saturday Dec.27

At 7 pm the rink was drying up but still damp. Four skaters. The zamboni driver said he had gone on the ice a few times, but not cutting the ice, only using the cloth to sweep the water.

Sunday March 1 2009

E-mail from a young rink visitor:

We just went to the rink and we were doing a rink survey and when we got there i got on my skates and looked for staff room and for staff because there were hockey players on the pleasure side. there were no markings or signs to tell you where the staff were. So I tried the first door and i went into an electrical room. The second one I opened, and I saw the staff sitting with his feet on the desk, talking on his cell phone. It surprised me to see him like that and i said - "Can you clear the hockey players of the pleasure side so that we can skate." He said sure I'll do that. He went out and cleared it off. Then just walked right back into his room to talk back on his cell phone. Soon as he went back into his room, all the hockey players came back on. I didn't care any more so i just went back to skating. Soon after,10 mins later, he came back out and walked a few feet down the mats and had a smoke, not doing anything about the hockey players skating on the pleasure side and continued to talk on his cell. After that he returned back to the staff office, closing the door behind him. That was the last we saw of him.

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