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East of Mt. Pleasant, on Davisville behind Hodgson school. Phone: 416-392-0924

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2004 - 2005

Toronto by the blade

by Dave Bidini, The Toronto Star

Feb. 20, 2005

10 a.m., Hodgson School Rink: Hodgson faces an old, friendly looking, brown-brick high school. It gives me a faraway feeling, even though I'm 10 minutes from home. There's a lot of hockey being played on both rinks, and when I meet a neighbourhood player, Vince Cosentino, I'm told: "More and more people started skating once the lockout happened. Yesterday, the rink was so full you couldn't see the ice."

A retired gentleman in a Wexford Raiders jacket named Peter McMurtry, pushing around a puck and listening to the CBC on his headphones, hears about my day and suggests: "Go to Rosedale. They have the best shinny in Toronto. Maybe in the world. You've been to Kew Gardens? They're anarchists at Kew Gardens. Somebody takes a shift, somebody stays on. There's no rhyme nor reason to the play. Go to Rosedale." Peter is old, but he plays shinny four times a week, so I go to Rosedale.

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