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Rink Diary 2013-2014

March 1 2014

4.15 p.m.

Pleasure skating in the round today. This rink was re-opened as one of the 11 season extensions. The change rooms are also opened and the sun is shining -- happy skaters.

Jan.1, 2014

The city's website shows a blank day on Jan.1, but the rink is open for unsupervised skating (no rink guards) and -- happy surprise -- the change rooms and washrooms are open and warm. There is a zamboni driver in the office. He says the rink was closed on Christmas but open on Boxing Day as well as today. A schedule on the wall says "unsupervised skating 10 to 6." But a sign on the changeroom door says the change room is closing at 7.45. Lots of different messages!

A man comes to the office to ask if there are any washrooms open, and it happy to hear yes. But it looks like not everyone knows about the change rooms -- they are actually the swimming pool change rooms and so they're a distance from the rink. Down by the rink, there's no sign giving a hint of the change rooms at the end of a longish trail of rubber mats.

Jan.1 pleasure skaters

sign is friendly and informative

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