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2011 - 2012

Saturday Dec.3 2011

3:45 pm: A good shinny game going, 21 players organized into 3 teams changing on every goal. The ice looked good, and gets zamboni maintenance every two hours, according to the rink guard.

The pleasure side had half a dozen skaters. The metal schedule was posted on the hockey pad fence. The change room was open but no paper schedules up yet - the rink guard expects copies from his supervisor this week.

Tuesday Dec.6 2011

The city's website reported this rink as closed (at 2 p.m.). But it was open and the ice was good. No wonder, after all the rain yesterday.

The main Harry Gairey bulletin board finally lost its 2003 poster. However, the schedule on there now is last year's swimming pool schedule! Back to the drawing board.

zamboni doing the ice, very solid already

out of date swim schedule on bulletin board
Sunday Dec.18 2011

lots of kids -- maybe an after-school group?

Harry Gairey is a very popular rink. There were plenty of shinny players, and the kids on the pleasure-skating pad looked very pleased.

Thursday Dec.22 2011

Since this rink is so popular, it's a puzzle to figure out WHY the change room/washrooms are marked as closed on the city website for all three holidays -- Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year's Day.

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