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Harry Gairey Rink, Alexandra Rink, and Scadding Rink are the same.


Bathurst St/Dundas St. W. Double pad. Pay parking on Bathurst street. Phone: 416-392-7686

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A Poem by an Harry Gairey Park Neighbour

A poem by Toronto poet and Harry Gairey rink neighbour Richard Sanger, about the youthful joys of a rink. Click here to read the poem.


Archives 2004-2005


2003 - 2004

Dec.6, 2003: Big hockey program for kids, Saturdays from 10 to 3. But staff office is in a windowless room, without a sign on it, at the other end of the building. The tractor operator and rink staff were inside (the door was locked and our visitor had to knock loudly). Later that day there was one staff on the ice, playing shinny hockey.

Dec.13, 2003: Good ice. The rink change area, a windowless room in the middle of the building, looked slummy. People changing there told our visitor that there are rarely staff at that rink. Our visitor looked all around and knocked on doors but found no one. Both the washrooms were locked.

Dec.20, 2003: Good ice. Lots of shinny players; a few skaters on the other side. Staff person sitting in a new office just off the changeroom. Washrooms still locked. No schedules posted or available to take home. Harry Gairey Rinkhouse

Harry Gairey Rink

Here is a picture of the new Harry Gairey rink doors. For $7000 (what the City Property department carpenters charged the Parks Department to build this) that's not a very good deal. It has that Harlem look about it.

December 27, 2003: Ice very good. New double doors installed in room right next to rink. But there's only a small pane of glass in each -- looks like a prison door. No door handles, and locked. Apparently these doors cost $7,000. It seems a bit steep (to put it mildly) for doors like these.

Jan.4, 2004: Richard Sanger, who lives near Alexandra rink, e-mails that he tried to find out little kids' shinny times for his kids, but the staff could find no schedule. He went back the next day and he could find no staff. But the office door was unlocked. Sanger says he gave up trying.

Jan.6, 2004: At noon the rink was not cleared of snow. But the women's washroom was unlocked. Staff showed our visitor a schedule posted on the outdoor bulletin board, but none inside.

January 19, 2004: The new door has handles but it's still locked. There are still no schedules posted in the building anywhere. The women's washroom is unlocked, though. The men's is locked and there's a sign next to the door that tells people not to piss on the floor, but to find the rink attendant and get him to unlock it. Outside the rink is just being serviced. In the changeroom the shinny hockey players are telling each other it's going to take an hour, and taking off their skates.

End of January, 2004: New change room open. Looks clean and bright. Washrooms unlocked, but sign saying not to piss on the floor is still in place across from the men's. Ice good. No schedules posted in new changeroom.

February 22, 2004: Ice good. Fast shinny game on hockey side. Two pleasure skaters on the other pad, plus a boy and three man friends playing hockey. Rink guard inside change room, chatting on the phone. Our visitor tells him about the hockey on the pleasure side. He puts down the phone and goes to see. Meantime our visitor checks the washrooms: both unlocked, sign by the men's washroom gone. When our visitor goes back outside, the hockey on the pleasure side is still going on, puck going between a pleasure skater's legs. Mother of boy says that he must play on this side because it would be dangerous for him to play on the hockey side. Our visitor agrees it would be dangerous, asks when the designated time for boys is. Mother says -- there's no such thing.

Inside the change room, the rink guard is back on the phone. Our visitor asks him to stop talking on the phone and explain why he allows hockey on the pleasure-skating side. He hangs up and asks what business brings her here. Gets angry at her questions and bangs the lockers with his fist. Says he will call his supervisor -- that these questions are unacceptable. Our visitor finds a posted schedule which says it's supposed to be 10 and under on the hockey side. Another rink staff appears -- tells our visitor politely that he's been working at that rink for three years and they never enforce the hockey schedule. Says he feels they can't, because so many adults come to this rink to play shinny, and they wouldn't accept enforcing a designated time for young children.

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