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Rink Diary 2012-2013

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Nov.13: ice building up nicely

Nov.15: staff said the ice is thin and they'll flood all night

Nov.17: the first skaters -- 10.30 am

ready to rent skates
Nov.17 2012

The rink opened at 10 a.m. The skaters say the ice is good. The staff say they may close the rink for a few hours this afternoon but it will open again this evening.

1.15pm: the webcam shows some water on the rink but lots of skaters still.

5 pm -- still people skating, even though the website still says "opening soon." Maybe the rink never had to close at all -- and why should it? Compressors can handle November sun quite well.

Nov.23 2012

At quarter to midnight there are still about a dozen skaters on beautiful, smooth ice.

January 12, 2013

January thaw time, lots of happy skaters

January thaw time -- lovely and warm (12 degrees) at 2 pm, no water on the ice, lots of skaters.

Later, at 10 pm, the rink was unbelievably packed with skaters (DJ night). At the same time, twelve City of Toronto rinks were closed due to the weather. Strange.

January 13, 2013

At 8.30 am it's raining and the zamboni is clearing the water off the ice. There has been no rain for a few hours, and the sun even came out for a brief while - the rink is still wet on the webcam but the zamboni is on the ice, taking water off.

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