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wood stove at Dufferin


Rink Diary 2008 - 2009

October 13 2008

Harbourfront has a new website that doesn't have an obvious link to their rink information. But they answered a request for information very promptly. They propose to open the rink a whole week before City Hall -- which is great. But the Central Park outdoor rink in NYC is opening even earlier -- October 20. Whose scheduling fits the season the best? It will be interesting to monitor the ice conditions of those rinks this fall.

November 14 2008

Weather: high of 11, sunny in the morning, then cloudy but still mild. Rain in the evening, but low of 9 celsius -- still warm. The Harboufront Rink web page says that the rink is opening on Nov.15, which would be tomorrow. But no such luck. At 3.30 pm the door to the compressor room was propped open but there was no one in there. Three staff inside the change room said it's too warm to make ice. And indeed the compressors were not running and there were only puddles on the rink concrete.

The Central Park web site says that the Wollman Rink in NYC is open, however, and all skating lessons today were on as normal.

November 21, 2008

An e-mail to "rinkisssues":

Hi, My name is Beau Callaghan and I'm one of the Natrel Skating Rink's supervisors. I'm sending this message to inform you that our rink now has a Facebook group called 'Natrel Skating Rink @ Harbourfront Centre. We'll be checking the group daily and updating info about ice conditions and events taking place at the rink this year. Such as our new Fireside Rinkside seating area where skaters and non-skaters may enjoy a warm fire and take in a performance from storytellers and acoustic guitar players.

For more info contact: The Natrel Skating Rink @ 416-973-4866 or [email protected]

Saturday Nov. 22 2008

Harbourfront Rink opening day Nov 22 2008

little woodstove

A perfect day to open -- minus 6 celsius and weak November sunshine. A lively scene at the rink, with a new addition: a little warming campfire in an outdoor wood stove. One of the staff said the fire was an idea that came down from management. It's a bit off to the side, near the pizza oven, maybe hard to find -- easier if the restaurant decides to serve hot chocolate there. There was a musician playing a guitar, and staff said a storyteller would be coming around five. The only problem was the women's washroom -- on opening day, two toilets had an "out of order" sign on them, and the third was hard to close.

Musician by the fire

women's washroom needs work

December 25, 2008

The rink was open and busy from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Monday February 16

(Family Day holiday)

It was a sunny day, and the rink was really, really full.

crowded on Family Day

so many little woodstoves, inside little fenced pens

the boardwalk beside the rink

maybe the bake-oven gets some use in winter

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