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Rink Diary 2006 - 2007

Harbourfront Rink opened for the season on Sunday November 19 2006

Nov.19 2006

the view from the rink

The Harbourfront Rink web site said they would open on Saturday Nov.18, but they were one day late. They started flooding on Tuesday Nov.14, but on Thursday Nov.16 there was a big rain, so they lost some of their ice. On Friday Nov.17 the ice was still pretty thin, but solid.

The view from the rink, out to the lake, with all that open sky to the southwest, the sailboat moored in the background, and the business skyline to the north, is riveting.

At midnight on Saturday Nov.18, a rink operator answered the phone, saying that they weren't sure yet if they'd be able to open on Sunday but they were planning to put down floods all night.

At ten a.m. on Sunday Nov.19 there was a proud message on the Harbourfront phone line: "We are open."

Nov.24 2006

Nov.24: rink is fine despite 7 degrees and bright sun

A bright sunny day with 7 degrees at 3 p.m., but Harbourfront Rink was in fairly good condition, with no ice sections off limits, but a few puddles. The rink guard, named Nancy, said their ice is now at 1 1/2 inches, and they are not having to flood at night.




Nov.29: over a hundred skaters at 16 degrees

High 16, cloudy, low 13. Harbourfront ice holding -- no puddles, more than 100 skaters on in the evening. Olympia operator says he doesn't flood or scrape in this weather.

Dec.10 2006

'' High 7 celsius, sunny. Low 1. At 2.30 p.m. the rink was packed with skaters, no bad patches on the rink at all. Zamboni scraping but not flooding.

December 18, 2006

Harbourfront rules

Ice was was very good, shiny, a little bit of dirt around the edges. There's a posted schedule which seems to be followed. Ice is scraped/flooded 4 times a day, five on weekends. They had two staff on: one rental, one rink guard. Pretty skate friendly with lots of mats, good music with no commercials playing. Lots of places to sit with a nice view. There was food available in Harbourfront Centre café, above the rink.

The change room is a little dingy with vending machines and video games. Bathrooms had no paper towels. Lockers $1; rentals $7. There's an obvious and large conduct sign.

Jan.2, 2007

The ice was in good condition despite sun and warm weather. The rink was full and people looked to be having a good time. Two huge sailboats moored nearby, blue water, beautiful views in every direction.

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