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Rink Diary 2013

Jan 25, 2013 from Matt

We went this morning. It was a little iffy in the dark, as we didn't have a good sense of the general conditions, but there were skate tracks in the snow from previous days. Snow cover definitely makes it scarier. There was a wet spot near the south end of the pond, and the snow drifts there a bit as well, making skating more difficult. We stayed mostly near the edge but skated all along the pond -- pretty great overall, actually, though the snow makes it a little treacherous! With the warm weather coming I don't know if it will be safe after today. go have some fun before it's too late!

Jan 27 2013, photos by Michael Monastyrskyj


pond hockey
Feb.3 2013, photos by Michael Monastyrskyj

smooth ice

more pond hockey

ice quality

that smooth ice goes on forever

Rink Diary 2009

Grenadier Pond

Grenadier Pond 2009-1010
2009: January

Peter Kuitenbrouwer, writing on the National Post web site, January 4 2009:

This morning at 10 a.m. I became the first person of the season, as far as I know, to skate on Grenadier Pond. Every year I watch the thermometer, waiting for the conditions to be right. When the temperature drops, and others curse, I cheer, because the pond is freezing up! Just before Christmas the kids and I went to check on it: we stood on the little deck that overlooks the pond, peeled small sheets of ice off the wood planks and skittered them across its frozen surface. It looked frozen. But I put the tip of my boot on the ice at the edge and I plunged through. So we waited.

But with the cold snap we've had since the new year, I had a feeling the pond would be okay. In the quiet still of the morning, having parked by the Colbourne Lodge, I slid down the hill through the woods, dampening the seat of my jeans, to reach the shore. I looked. About 5 cm of powdery snow covers the pond. In the snow I saw dog prints and, more promising, the tracks of a cross-country skier. I laced up my CCMs and took off the skate guards. And I took the plunge.

Ice report: the snow has a tiny crust, and in places the wind has traced ripples on the snow. Under the snow, the ice is a little bit bumpy in parts. The snow is thin enough that I could skate across the pond without shoveling it. However, I'd recommend you take a shovel and clear off a speed-skating oval or, more importantly, a hockey rink. It may be a bit bumpy; even so, it is, as always, Toronto's best skating option..... Grenadier is a sheet of perfect, natural glass. And no tax dollars were spent making it so. So get out there, skate, ignore the city's "Ice Unsafe" signs, and happy new year.

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