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Grenadier Pond related media


Marcus Gee in the Globe, Jan.14, 2017


Grenadier Pond in the news


January 2011:

YouTube short showing skating and ice-fishing on the pond.

January 2010:

Blog TO refers to the "no skating" sign on the pond as a bylaw.

January 2010:

Rob Roberts blog says that this is not a by-law, it's an internal Parks policy that was never approved by City Council.


Matt Borrett posted this family movie taken on Grenadier Pond by his grandfather in 1955: vimeo

The law

On the pond there are many "no skating" signs, a few of which give a by-law number: the 2004 General Parks By-law #608. There is subsection on skating, which includes: 608-21 B: No person shall access or skate on a natural ice surface in a park where it is posted to prohibit it.

The same bylaw also prohibits: anyone being in a park between midnight and 5.30 a.m., tree climbing, snowball fights, weeding park gardens without a permit, or playing informal group sports without a permit.

Really? And City Council approved all this, and continues to stand by it?

Lawsuits and liability:

There's loose talk everywhere about "liability" connected with the risk that somebody might fall through thin ice at Grenadier Pond. But that's just a red herring. In fact, most of the money the city pays out in lawsuits relates to motor vehicle accidents involving city trucks. Does that mean city staff should stop using their trucks? Of course not. They can be reminded to drive more carefully, and skaters can be reminded that they skate at their own risk and they should be careful too. The city can drill for ice thickness measurements and post that information without further comment. Cheaper than posting all those signs and sending out by-law officers.


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