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2006 - 2007

Feb.22 2007

Heavy snow in the morning seems to have missed this rink. Open from 10 a.m, according to the rink attendant. At 3.45 there was no one skating on the pleasure-skating side, four shinny hockey players on the hockey side.

January 2 2007, 2 pm.

20-odd shinny players, with a smattering of helmets and 5 pleasure skaters. Again a big dog walking scene and some families at the adjacent playground. The shinny game looks good, a few kids just taking slapshots in the corner rather than joining the game.

Later in the afternoon/evening the little kids arrive to take their skating lessons. Looks like one instructor for 12 kids. What a ratio! They take over the hockey side with their lessons.

December 30, 2006, afternoon.

About 15 people skating, all but 2 are playing shinny. Not a helmet in sight. The game is pretty fast paced but with only 15 players there is no crowding. No families, despite the neighbourhood filled in every direction with single family dwellings.

Later in the evening: less than 10 shinny players.

Comment from rink user who lives near Greenwood, Dec.18 2006:

He is very frustrated with his local rink. He says Greenwood has hardly been open at all this year and that he can't get any information about it.

Dec.18 2006, 1.30 pm

Ice is good. 5 skaters roughly playing shinny. The schedule is not posted but when asked we are given one.

schedule not posted

The ice is maintained by the flying squad with no schedule. The staff said that when they had complained of too few scrapes or floods they were ignored as punishment.

Outside a few more mats would be good. There are no outdoor benches and the garbage cans are not common enough and there is trash lying around.

Of the three vending machines inside, 2 work and one is even being maintained! The change room is well lit, nice and friendly. It is clean and has mats but no seating in the common area, only in the separate men's and women's sections. A playground is right by the rink in the park. The signage is good, code of conduct is posted as is a beautiful official anti-discrimination policy with an official stamp and beautiful script. There is no pay phone.

The green shovels are not used because of a group decision the staff person said it was too tough to use them. The shinny scene is good. It is a double pad and was being cleaned while we visited.

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